Our Process


Our Commissioned Ketubah Process consists of five steps.

1 — Interview

First, We Interview You. We only work with those who are ready to work closely with our artists to design the exact Ketubah you want. We need to learn about you and what you’re looking for in a Ketubah before we move forward with your commissioned art. To apply, just contact us. During the informational interview, we will ask you all the information we need in order to complete the Ketubah.

2 — Deposit

Once our team has confidence in the project, you must give us a 25% deposit. This deposit will guarantee you 3 sketches of possible Ketubot designs. Note that since we only choose which ketubot are reusable at the end of the process, the deposit is proportional based on the complete price, no the reusable price.

3 — Sketches

We will then give you 3 sketches, created just for you in order to let you choose your favorite layout for the Ketubah. Then you must choose your favorite sketch from the 3 sketches we’ve designed for you. Your final commissioned Ketubah will be based on your selection. See some examples of our sketches here

4 — Balance

You must confirm you want the Ketubah by paying the balance for the remainder of the work. Upon receiving this confirmation, we will begin work on the final Ketubah for you, hold tight this takes a few weeks! Note: if your Ketubah is a fully commissioned ketubah, then the balance due is 75% of the total price. But if your Ketubah is re-usable, then the balance to be paid is just the difference between the deposit and the re-usable price.

5 — Review & Deliver!

Fifth and finally, you will be emailed the almost-final Ketubah to Review. If you have any small changes or tweaks, you will let us know at this point, and we will make them! We will also review the text with your Rabbi to finalize the Ketubah, since we need his sign-off. Once the tweaking has finished, we will Print & Mail You the Finished Ketubah. Congratulations, you now have a work of art–and a Ketubah!

Voilà! All done!