One of a Kind Art


As we always tell our couples: the text of the ketubah is its head; the art is its heart. And the perfect ketubah, like the perfect couple, brings the two together.

It’s hard to find the art that is just right for you — but here at Bespoke Ketubah, we like a tall challenge!

Our process involves us focusing and obsessing over your ketubah, while holding your hand and working closely with you, until it is perfect.

Having done this for a few years, we’ve developed our own process, which is part art, part science. We start by interviewing you. Then we sketch a bunch of ideas. Then you choose the sketch you like best and tell us what you like more and less about it. And from there, we iterate until it’s perfect.

Sometimes it goes quickly, sometimes it goes slowly — but it’s always with the same result: a ketubah that represents you two in every inch of it, from the color choices to the themes to the styles. You need to see it hanging on your wall and beam with pride.

The excellence of our craftsmanship is uncompromisable.