One of a Kind Art


As we al­ways tell our cou­ples: the text of the ke­tubah is its head; the art is its heart. And the per­fect ke­tubah, like the per­fect cou­ple, brings the two together.

It’s hard to find the art that is just right for you — but here at Be­spoke Ke­tubah, we like a tall challenge!

Our process in­volves us fo­cus­ing and ob­sess­ing over your ke­tubah, while hold­ing your hand and work­ing close­ly with you, un­til it is perfect.

Hav­ing done this for a few years, we’ve de­vel­oped our own process, which is part art, part sci­ence. We start by in­ter­view­ing you. Then we sketch a bunch of ideas. Then you choose the sketch you like best and tell us what you like more and less about it. And from there, we it­er­ate un­til it’s perfect.

Some­times it goes quick­ly, some­times it goes slow­ly — but it’s al­ways with the same re­sult: a ke­tubah that rep­re­sents you two in every inch of it, from the col­or choic­es to the themes to the styles. You need to see it hang­ing on your wall and beam with pride.

The ex­cel­lence of our crafts­man­ship is uncompromisable.