Your Ketubah


Among the medieval Jews, a ketubah was a finely crafted document and art, created by hand, just for the couple getting married.

But this art was largely forgotten, and almost lost, in our modern era. Almost all modern ketubot are just printed copies of a ketubah that hundreds of other people have had before you.

But not a Bespoke Ketubah.

A Bespoke Ketubah is a custom, commissioned ketubah, created from nothing — from the ground up — to be perfect for you two. Every drop of ink, from the art to the wording, is created uniquely for you two, to be the most perfect ketubah and work of art that you and your beshert can display proudly for the rest of your lives.

While we will work closely with your rabbi to perfect the text, the magic comes in our perfection of the art. You imagine what you want on your perfect ketubah — and we will created it. From a portrait to a landscape, from classical to modern, we will make it happen.

Our team of artists is wide with a diverse set of styles. But what unites all of us together is our dream of creating a unique, custom bespoke ketubah for every couple out there that wants one.