My Beloved Ketubah

Created byTinak

My Beloved Ke­tubah brings Ke­tubot art back to ba­sics uti­liz­ing a black and white ty­po­graph­ic style and a unique de­sign. This Ke­tubah ex­hibits pow­er­ful im­agery and an even more pow­er­ful mes­sage — “I am my Beloved and my Beloved is Mine” or “Ani le do­di ve do­di li.” The words of this beau­ti­ful mes­sage work to­geth­er to cre­ate an in­tri­cate pat­tern and the tra­di­tion­al sym­bol of a hamsa.

This Ke­tubah con­tains both el­e­ments of com­plex­i­ty and sim­plic­i­ty. Al­though uti­liz­ing on­ly a black and white palette, the My Beloved Ke­tubah is per­fect for the cou­ple that is search­ing for some­thing that re­al­ly con­veys the im­por­tance and depth of the Ke­tubot tra­di­tion. The beau­ti­ful im­agery and words of this Ke­tubah will be a sym­bol of your ever­last­ing love for one another.

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