The Birch Tree Ketubah

Created byTinak

The Birch Tree — the elegant guardian of the trees — stands in the forest, majestic but understated. Every tree has a personality and the Birch isn’t one of the trees that tries to be the center of attention, it isn’t one of the trees that dominates the forest around it, but it is the classiest of the trees. The Birch doesn’t seek attention; but rather, attention comes to it.

The Birch Tree Ketubah is therefore the perfect Ketubah for a couple strives to build an elegant universe together, but doesn’t necessarily want to be the center of attention. It’s for the Understated Couple, the couple that values growing a new tree together, that wants to intertwine themselves together, but who will does so by being calm yet strong, united together.


Merge two wonderful parts of your wedding: the Ketubah and the Signing Board! With this new designs you get both on the same paper, giving your Ketubah that extra touch that no other Ketubah will have: your guests finishing the art by imprinting the leaves with their own fingerprints!

This ketubah can only be printed on paper (Verona or Hahnemüle); we strongly recommended the mounted Hahnemüle to make it easier to move around and avoid getting it wrinkled. You will need to buy a color pad; we’ll make some recommendations so it’s quick and easy.

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