The Emerald Notes Ketubah

Created byTinak

The Emerald Notes Ketubah bursts with life, excitement, and tons of color! This Ketubah stands out for it’s rich, beautiful details and colorful texture. The mosaic feel magically transforms into something completely different and much more dynamic. The musical notes seen on this Ketubah is the actual score for the traditional Jewish song, Od Yeshoma (Kol sasson v’kol simcha). Traditionally sung during the Seven Blessings after the wedding ceremony, this song speaks about the joy and happiness felt by the new bride and groom.

The complexity and range of this design of this Ketubah represents the depth heard and felt in music. The way the notes can work together to evoke any range of emotion — love, joy, or even sadness. The Emerald Notes Ketubah is perfect for the couple who’s style is completely eclectic and different. This striking Ketubah will stand out as not just a bold work of art, but as a beautiful symbol of tradition and love.

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