The Ethe­re­al Land­scape Jupiter Ketubah

Created byTinak

In­spired by the col­ors of plan­et Jupiter, gold­en-brown tones and a mar­bled gem-like ef­fect help this ke­tubah con­vey a sense of ethe­re­al beau­ty and earthy strength at the same time. Named af­ter the king of the Gods in Ro­man mythol­o­gy, as­trologers al­so as­so­ciate Jupiter with in­tel­lect and good fortune.

<em>The Ethe­re­al Land­scape Jupiter</em> is per­fect for the cou­ple with re­fined taste, sol­id con­vic­tions, and an eye for the ab­stract beau­ty of re­al things. Your love for each oth­er may be cast in stone, but that does­n’t mean it weighs ei­ther of you down.

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