The Ethe­re­al Land­scape — Mars Ketubah

Created byTinak

Daz­zling in shades of ma­gen­ta, plum and gold, the rusty land­scape of Mars is fea­tured in this ce­les­tial in­spired Ke­tubah. The gold­en cen­ter of the Ke­tubah is a de­pic­tion of the sun’s far reach­ing light and warmth on the silent red plan­et. The gold­en star’s rays flood the hori­zon sym­bol­iz­ing God’s pres­ence from a bib­li­cal perspective.

This Ke­tubah is per­fect for unique cou­ples who are out-of-this-world. Their re­la­tion­ship may be worlds apart from so­ci­ety’s ex­pec­ta­tions, yet they hold God firm­ly at the cen­ter of their core.

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