The Fly­ing in­to the Dusk Ke­tubah

Created byTinak

Birds have been the sign of life since the time of the Bible: Noah him­self sent out a bird from his ark to search for life. And that’s what birds do best, at their very essence: they fly to find life and let it flour­ish.

The Fly­ing in­to the Dusk Ke­tubah is per­fect for the cou­ple who loves the sym­bol­ism of the birds fly­ing to­geth­er but wants to take them to the next lev­el: the birds unit­ing to­geth­er and find­ing life to­geth­er, just as you two will find life to­geth­er as well. And as your search for a land to touch down on and build a home to­geth­er grows, you two will si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly be able to soar high­er and high­er.

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