The For­est Keep­ers Ketubah

Created byTinak

Flocks of doves take to the air as a new day dawns up­on the dark­ened for­est. A buck and a doe greet the dawn at the edge of the woods–curious, alert, yet un­afraid, sure of their place not just be­side each oth­er but al­so in the for­est; it be­longs to them as much as they be­long to it.

The For­est Keep­ers is per­fect for the down-to-earth cou­ple that ex­ists in qui­et har­mo­ny with the world and each oth­er, mind­ful of the old ways and aware of its role in main­tain­ing the tree of life. May the seeds you sow to­geth­er rise tall as the for­est that love and faith planted.

This is a Pa­per­cut Ke­tubah: it is made with two lay­ers of paper–a laser-cut de­sign mount­ed atop a back­ground. The Ke­tubah text is print­ed on the back­ground pa­per and then placed care­ful­ly un­der­neath the top lay­er of the cut-out de­sign, elim­i­nat­ing the pos­si­bil­i­ty of ac­ci­den­tal­ly crush­ing or rip­ping the del­i­cate struc­ture while sign­ing. Every­thing from de­sign and lay­out, to the craft­ing process and fi­nal cre­ation, lends it­self to a high-qual­i­ty work of art and over­all at­ten­tion to detail.

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