The Lovely Swing Ketubah

Created byTinak

A pair of yellow chickadees snuggle amongst the leaves as a young couple sway in a swing hanging from an oak tree. With cornflower blue sky above and shaggy green grass below, this ketubah brings back memories of lazy summers long ago–when time seemed to stretch as wide as the endless sky, and nothing to keep track of it but the infinity of teenage love.

The Lovely Swing is perfect for the couple that never quite grew up, the romantics who would rather take a summertime picnic in a park over dinner at a fancy restaurant any day. Weddings (and married life) can morph into a monster of planning, preparing, and panicking–this ketubah is great way to remind yourselves that, through everything, you’ll always be there, cuddling hand-in-hand far away from the crowds.

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