The Lu­na Púr­pu­ra Ketubah

Created byTinak

Miro’s sur­re­al­is­tic style is thor­ough­ly modern–with an old-world, Eu­ro­pean flair to it. Joan Miro had a knack for tak­ing clas­sic themes and up­dat­ing them perfectly.

The Lu­na Púr­pu­ra Ke­tubah is our sec­ond take on Miro, and prob­a­bly our fa­vorite, per­son­al­ly. Its noc­tur­nal theme starts your mar­riage off on a qui­et and sub­tle, yet new and mod­ern, note: the moon harkens back to na­ture (the style of tra­di­tion­al Ke­tubot) and God, who cre­at­ed it all and is watch­ing over us.

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