The Old City Ketubah

Created byTinak

The Old City Ke­tubah cap­tures the unique spir­it and feel­ing of Jerusalem- it’s crowd­ed streets, beau­ti­ful pol­ished stone build­ings, and awe of his­to­ry around every turn. Per­fect for the cou­ple who met in this beau­ti­ful city or sim­ply feel Jerusalem’s con­nec­tion to the Jew­ish people.

With the text placed in the mid­dle of the hus­tle-and-bus­tle of this mod­ern city, there is tran­quil­i­ty, calm, and im­por­tance. With all eyes of the city fo­cused on the cou­ple, those who sign the Ke­tubah take their place in Jew­ish tra­di­tion, with hearts and minds look­ing to­ward the East.

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