The Origa­mi II Ketubah

Created byTinak

Min­i­mal­ist and mod­ern, yet some­how evok­ing a time­less vin­tage feel, this ke­tubah com­ple­ments its play­ful col­or palette of am­ber, red, and rich blue, with an al­most math­e­mat­i­cal eye for pat­tern and po­si­tion. In­spired by the Japan­ese art of origa­mi, it cre­ates aes­thet­ic ap­peal through sim­plic­i­ty of form and restraint.

Origa­mi II is per­fect for the artis­tic cou­ple that share a love of Japan­ese art, ap­pre­ci­ate the el­e­gant beau­ty of sim­ple things, and un­der­stand the last­ing val­ue of sub­tle­ty and bal­ance. In Japan, pa­per cranes al­so sym­bol­ize hope and happiness–a good omen as you go forth in­to your life together.

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