The Stained Glass Or­chards Ketubah

Created byTinak

In­spired by the beau­ti­ful stained glass works of art found in syn­a­gogues and tem­ples across the world, the Stained Glass Or­chards Ke­tubah cap­tures the awe and beau­ty of the Tree of Life, or Etz Chaim. With del­i­cate col­ors and a tex­tured feel­ing of gen­uine stained glass, this Ke­tubah calls on tra­di­tion­al themes of pros­per­i­ty and beau­ty in Jew­ish artwork.

Cou­ples will grow in­ter­twined with each day of their mar­riage, just as the trees de­pict­ed form a beau­ti­ful or­chard, shar­ing good weath­er and the chal­lenges of life. The gor­geous shad­ed back­ground of the Stained Glass Or­chards Ke­tubah pro­vides a feel­ing of warmth, joy, and col­or. L’Chaim!

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